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V. Flesh-eating Animals: The Felines, or the Cat Tribe 66
The Feline has Strong Fangs 67
The Feline's Tongue is Rough 68
The Feline's Claws are Retractile 68
The Feline has Padded Paws 71

VI. The Tiger 73
The Life History of the Tiger Family 78
The Tiger's Family Dinner 83

VII. The Tiger Cubs' Lessons 87
Tiger Cubs Learn to Kill Prey, After their Parents have Caught It 88
Tiger Cubs Take Part in Hunt to Catch Prey 90
Tiger Cubs Learn to Catch Prey by Themselves 91

VIII. The Tigress Mother's Special Duties 97
The Truce of the Water Hole 100

IX. The Special Qualities of Tiger and Tigress 102
Both Tiger and Tigress Defend Their Cubs 104
The Tiger Family's Lost Dinner 110
The Tiger as a Heroic Husband 116

X. The Lion 128
The Lion Has the Fangs, the Tongue, the Claws, and the Paws of a Cat 132
How the Lion is Different from Other Cats 138

XI. The Lion's Daily Life 142

XII. The Lion a Noble Animal 156
Androcles and the Lion 156
The Lady and the Lioness 163

XIII. The Leopard 168
The Leopard's Ground Color and Spots 169
Why the Leopard has Spots 170

XIV. The Leopard's Habits 176
The Panther: Popular Name For Large Leopard 180
How the Leopard Seizes his Prey 181
The Leopard's One Amiable Quality He Loves Perfumes 182
The Leopard and the Lavender 183

XV. American Leopard: The Jaguar 188

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Chapter V

Flesh-Eating Animals: the Felines, or the Cat Tribe So far most of the animals I have described to you are vegetarians, that is, they eat vegetables of all kinds, for even leaves, herbs, and grass...

Chapter VI

The tiger lives in most of the countries along the south coast of Asia, that is, all the way from Persia to China. Some tigers are also found in the northern countries of Asia, such as Siberia; but...

Chapter VII

The Tiger Cubs' Lessons Do tiger children have lessons? Of course they have! Almost all animal children have. You will remember the lessons in Book I which the elephant child had to learn. In the ...

Chapter VIII

The Tigress Mother's Special Duties So far I have described to you how the tiger cubs learn the lessons of the jungle from their father and mother. But sometimes they have to learn some of their ...

Chapter IX

The Special Qualities of Tiger and Tigress Now I am going to tell you a few more things about the tiger, from which you will realize what a wonderful animal he is. First, the tiger's size. The fi...

Chapter X

The Lion I shall now tell you about other felines or animals of the Cat Tribe. The lion looks the grandest of all such animals I suppose just because he has a mane. Most lions live in Africa. The...

Chapter XI

The Lion's Daily Life Now I shall tell you about the remaining habits of the lion, and how he lives every day. Lion cubs at birth are usually twins or triplets. Sometimes four or even five cubs a...

Chapter XII

The Lion a Noble Animal Androcles and the Lion Many, many years ago, the Romans ruled a large part of the world; for they were a great nation. Their territories included the north of Africa. A ri...

Chapter XIII

The Leopard The leopard is another animal of the Cat Tribe. You may know him at once by the spots on his body; and of course the female leopard also has the spots. These spots are usually black in...

Chapter XIV

The Leopard's Habits Now I shall tell you the other qualities and habits of the leopard. First, his size. The leopard is smaller than the tiger; he is not quite three feet high at the shoulders. ...

Chapter XV

American Leopard: The Jaguar Now I shall tell you about an American leopard. He is called the jaguar. He lives mostly in Central America and South America. His favorite country is Brazil, near the...

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